Givi E45 Panniers

So, having taken delivery on my new Givi E45 panniers just over two weeks ago now, despite not having that much use out of them I’ve done 1,000 or so miles with them attached and here is what I think.

They certainly improve the stability of the bike despite the big increase in surface area, I feel more planted and ‘in control’ as so to speak. They look great, from the back only, slightly dated side on. The capacity is fantastic for general luggage, however I chose the 45’s over the 37’s purely for the fact they stated they took two helmets, however they don’t take my AGV K4 or K3 due to the slight lip on the back of the helmets, fortunately I have the utility trunk and the Givi E52 top box that happily accepts my helmet style.

The panniers, as comments and reviews state have a very durable and robust touch to them, the plastic doesn’t seem like it’s going to fade anytime soon and the handles are ergonomic enough to carry 10 KG worth of weight inside a fair distance.

I’ll be giving them a run for their money when I pop to Wales during October. I’m sure they will perform outstandingly, taking the kitchen sink and the other mandatory supplies.

NC700X E45

NC700X Givi E45

NC700X Givi E45

NC700X Givi E45