NCX: 16,000 Miles & 9 Months on…



This is going to be nice and brief so you can get back to work, you probably shouldn’t be on this anyway! Tell the boss I said ‘Hi’!

So, I picked the bike up from Blade Honda, Swindon on the 8th June 2012 – I’ve owned it for just over 16,000 miles, 9 months and yeah I love it, I love all things with two wheels, though, you probably wouldn’t think that if you met me!

I have recently replaced the chain and sprockets, managed to get 15,275 miles out of them, but I have replaced them with a slightly bigger, 525 pitch D.I.D GOLD XRING, and W.O.W, what an improvement!

The difference I have noticed is smoother power delivery, better acceleration in terms of again, smoothness and comfort pulling from a standing start and generally an overall smoother bike! I love it.

It handles well, even with shoddy unchecked tyre pressures because to be frank you couldn’t be arsed to check (I’m anal and check them twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday), but then it is no performance motorcycle, more a donkey with a little extra kick & twist – I’m sure we can agree on that. It looks dopey but suddenly comes alive more than you expect when you pull on the throttle to accelerate, through the twisties and back down to 30mph because a cop is waiting for you in the lay-by with his toy laser gun, however the engine breaking, well it’s not there so you feel like you are constantly on the brakes after having a little fun!

It’s practical, if you have one, and you use the storage trunk, pretend it’s not there for a week and let me know how you didn’t cope because you rely on it so heavily now for the daily commute, for the dash to the shops to pick up some milk and eggs or into town and ‘quickly’ pop your helmet away as others watch in disbelief, trying to figure out why you are putting your helmet in the fuel tank… no love, it’s a storage compartment – honestly.

Fuel consumption – amazing. I said it would be brief, the past 16,000 miles have cost me around £1,423.58 in fuel based on £1.369 per litre of fuel and 70mpg on average, I’m a very laid bike rider… at times… 😉

So, to the important bits below:

Cost of Ownership – Official Honda Mechanical Services:

** ** ** ** **

First Service: 600 Miles

Date: 14/06/2012 – 6 days after picking it up 😉

Cost: £130.69

Where: Blade, Swindon

** ** ** ** **

Second Service: 8,000 Miles

Date: 15/09/2012

Cost: £189.49

Where: Blade, Swindon

** ** ** ** **

Third Service: 16,000 Miles 

Date: 16/03/2013

Cost: £224.48

Where: Blade, Swindon

** ** ** ** **

Cost of Ownership – Non official services:

** ** ** ** **

Other Service: Rear Tyre Change (Replacement BT023R)

Old Tyre retired at: 7,454 Miles

Date: 31/08/2012

Cost: £131.00 Fitted

Where: Independent Mechanic

** ** ** ** **

Other Service: Brake Pad Change (Rear Single Caliper Only)

Old Pads retired at: 11,537 Miles

Date: 11/10/2012

Cost: £37.86 Fitted

Where: Independent Mechanic

** ** ** ** **

Other Service: Tyres (New BT023 Set) & Chain & Sprocket (D.I.D Gold XRING 525 Pitch not the original 520)

Old Tyres & original Chain & Sprockets retired at: 15,275 Miles

Date: 15/02/2013

Cost: £355.00 Fitted

Where: Independent Mechanic

Notes; The second rear tyre got 7,821 Miles until retirement. The front was original so that got 15,275 miles of use, that’s pretty good going!

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Total Servicing Costs to date: £1,068.62

Total Fuel Costs to date: £1,423.58

 ** Overall: £2,492.10 ** 


Living with the NCX…5 Months, 2 days and over 13,000 miles later…

It’s only been 5 months since I left the Blade Honda dealership in Swindon with my NC700X.

I feel I’ve owned the bike for well over a year already, I’ve spent many hundreds of hours in command, both two up and on my own and still I’m pretty pleased with it, but some niggles have shone through about it, nothing bad and certainly not ticks against it!

Summary: I’ve ridden the bike in various scenarios, singular, two up and within groups (though the latter, not much). Daily commutes on the dual carriageway, beating down at breakneck speeds, sitting behind a lorry on the cold days or flowing around the traffic on those sunny afternoons, the bike offered and never failed to offer a smooth, steady ride and generally good accelerating and braking. I jumped at a chance late fall to take her up to Scotland on a solo tour of the ‘wonderful’ country. Loaded up topbox, panniers and dry bag over the rear off I went, 900 miles of motorway, 1,200 miles of country roads and not a sore bum, joint or wrist later I had a beaming smile, but really, a bike for circa £6,000.00 can really offer me such a joy at such little cost?

Yes, this isn’t just a bike it’s an all rounder in it’s own right, you won’t take it off road, that’s a big no no, but for the daily commute, the ‘grabbing a few bits from the shop’ and blasting off for the weekend, this bike can do that, that’s why it should be looked at as an option for those that munch the miles during the week and still enjoy the weekends away. Even a ride from Uig on the Isle Of Skye to Swindon, a total of 570 miles that I did in one run, a total time of 12 hours on the bike still had me getting off like I had only got on it 5 minutes earlier. It’s incredibly comfortable!

Ride and Handling

Smooth, forgiving, wanting, gentle yet aggressive, are just some of the words I would use to summarize the NCX. It’s a weird bike, it does cater well for most riding scenarios, of course just not that of a speed demon because you become rather restricted with the 6,500RPM limit on the engine, though this does make for a few interesting overtakes when you forget, like me rather a lot when the adrenaline is running. This does cap the fun factor for speed but this is balanced by the fun of the engine on the winding roads, urban riding and long runs.

The riding on the motorway / dual carriageway is adequate although the protection, well that’s it, there is no protection on your knee / thigh area which is a head wind is present can become rather annoying and uncomfortable. The wind starts to push your knees out and thus the uncomfortable riding starts. This is my only real nag about the bikes ride comfort and happens rarely, but a Honda accessory is available to deflect the wind before your knees for circa £80.00 so if I was to keep the bike I’d look at this as an option!

Country roads, a real doddle, the bike is forgiving and gentle yet has an aggressive edge that offers the fun factor. I found riding around the local Wiltshire / Dorset and Somerset roads was good fun, although when I took the bike to Scotland, fun turned to excitement, blasting through Glencoe and Fort William, the bike just wanted more and more, up in the highlands, roads that needed serious TLC, again the NCX just played ball, took the bumps, pot holes and utterly trashed coastal roads in its stride, providing me with a great experience.


The only equipment I have added to date is the Givi 1111FZ Monorack arms and Givi PL1111 Pannier holder.

To these I have a fitted a Givi E52 Maxia Topbox with rear lights and 2 x Givi E45 Pannier. This combination works well and you have the added luxury of the ‘boot’ up front!


I think the essential modifications for this bike when purchased should be, a rear hugger as without the bike does get awfully messy! Secondly a Fenda Extenda to keep the front flick off the radiator, without, you face a nice bill from Honda for a replacement, go and get one. The front of the bike is too exposed not to, and a Radiator guard if you want extra protection.

Servicing costs to date

First Service (600 Miles): £130.69

Second Service (8,000 Miles): £189.49

New Rear BT023R (7,454 Miles): £131.00

New Rear Pads (11,537 Miles): £37.86 (EBC Sintered HH)

TOTAL: £479.18 – Very happy with this considering the amount of riding I have done, no complaints! Just happy riding! 

8,505 Miles and rolling

So the first real service is only a matter of two days away (Saturday 15th September 2012) where the bike will have it’s first overhaul.

I know it’s a few miles out, well 500 almost 600 since I took the picture for the service but as long as the service is booked you are safe with regards to the warranty, just don’t go to stupid with the miles.

8,505 Miles

So far I am rather impressed with the bike but I have found that the fairing, is pretty useless and the extra deflector may well be required to purchase depending on what roads you use the bike on. I have noticed, riding on dual carriageways that the fairing doesn’t deflect the air away very well from my leg so they are sometimes seen flopping about against the utility tank than being flush and well protected. Riding smaller B road, the fairing offers enough to provide some protective comfort.

The fuel economy is very good… so good that I never check what I’m actually getting because I put pennies into the tank not pounds and you don’t feel a hit on your wallet whatsoever, which is nice.

I had replaced the rear BT023R at 7,545 miles as it was very square, I hope to get more out of the next tyre as I wont be riding on motorways so much doing 450 miles round trips every weekend, which like fueling up, will be nice 🙂

I’ll update this a little more when I get the service cost for the 8,000 mile service – Very tempted to do the next one myself!