Scotland Tour 2012 – Day 6 / Summary

Trip Statistics / Costs:

Duration: 6 Days

Mileage: 2112 miles (Door to Door)

Fuel Consumption (UK IMP Litres): 70MPG Mixed Motorway – A/B Roads

Fuel Cost: £193.89

Food: £54.10 (Look What We Found Pouches + Other small bits)

Accommodation: £36.00

TOTAL COST: Circa £283.99 (Incl Camping Equipment: £578.98)

**      **      **

Well, time has come to end such a fantastic trip, one that has already fueled my planning for the next adventure, solo or with a companion.

On Thursday, my 6th day of touring Scotland I headed for home. I left Uig on the Isle of Skye for a 570 mile ride back down to my home town. This took me 12 hour in all to complete, I never stopped once other than or fuel or to adjust my ear plugs.

The NC700X was so impressive, I never doubted the bike once before the trip but wondered how well it would really cope with such a long blast as it was actually designed for such riding but it coped admirably. Will I taking it on a another trip, yes I will! I think the NC has so much to offer, it’s a bike Honda still need to work on, but until then, it’s my No. 1 choice.

[Above: Start ODO mileage]

[Above: End ODO Mileage]


4 thoughts on “Scotland Tour 2012 – Day 6 / Summary

  1. Hi Mate, nice tour and writeup. Guess you missed a lot while rushing around clocking 500 miles a day. Have a look at the one I did in Scotland this summer pretty much along the same path.!schottland/caa2 – it’s in German but you’ll get the gist when clicking the hyperlinks leading to ‘Undiscovered Scotland’ feature pages. And here you can see the writeup of the tour with tons of pics: To move forward press the ‘Nachste’ (Next) tab at the top of the page. Enjoy and keep riding safely!

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