Scotland Tour 2012 – Day 5

After a blissfully warm night at Applecross despite the temperatures outside plummeting my Mountain Equipment bag kept me perfectly snug and comfortable. It’s a truly fantastic bag!

I packed up once more and headed for my now final destination, Uig, Isle of Skye where I would be spending my final night in a wigwam. It’s only a short ride today of about 90 miles so I have decided to venture down the A87 to Fort William before fueling up and turning around to shoot straight back up the A87 and other small roads back to the Wigwam.

[Above: Leaving Applecross]

[Above: Leaving Applecross]

It was a particularly wet day leaving Applecross, it had started raining around 0700 when I was packing up to leave, it soon got heavier as I entered into Applecross pass and through the mountains, the rain continued all the way down to Fort William, my Rukka gear held up well, if slightly heavier but held the rain out, I was warm and comfortable.

After heading down to Fort William, turning around and heading back I soon started to come into better weather as I approached the Isle of Skye and managed to snap a few shots for once!

[Above: Uig]

[Above: Ferry from the Outer Hebrides coming into Uig Harbour]

[Above: VIew from the windows of my Wigwam]

[Above: White Wave Wigwams / £15PPPN]


3 thoughts on “Scotland Tour 2012 – Day 5

  1. So I was looking at reviews of the nc700x since i’m considering it as a move up from my 125 when i’m 19 and stumbled across this! Absolutely brilliant article, really interesting and once I started reading, I HAD to read to the end.

    Also helps as I plan on touring when I get my next bike so at least I know the bikes up to it 🙂

    • Hi Scot,

      I’m really pleased you enjoyed it and good to know you couldn’t stop until the end! I’m just 21 myself and purchased this bike nearly 2 years ago now when I was 19.

      It has been a great machine, I would advise though, as you probably won’t keep it for a very long time I would suggest buying a used one, reason being is that I’ve lost a good 3k in depreciation on mine in the last year and 10 months, and that hurts.

      I come from a CBR250R (2011) before the NCX7 and before that a CBR600F (1997) which was my first bike at the age of 17 on the restricted license that was available at the time.

      It’s really good for touring as the way the bike rides you end up looking at the scenery more than your speedo, and that’s priceless.

      All the best,


      • Yeah that’s what I had in mind, good to hear someone who likes it 🙂

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