Scotland Tour 2012 – Day 4

After consuming my incredibly tasty sandwich from the NR cafe yesterday I soon proceeded for the Storma View Campsite near John O’Groats however the site really wasn’t up to expectations and looked so deserted I thought I’d keep my £8.00 that it would cost me to camp there and continue on my travels, after all this is supposed to be an adventure so I thought I’d get back on the road and see where I’d end up.

I soon came across a fantastic site called Halladale Inn Chalet and Caravan park where I pitch my tent for the night, views of the sea from my tent, sheep in the field munching on the grass next door, life was at its basic state, simple and relaxing. The pitch was at a cost of £5.00 which was very well priced for the cleanliness of the place, it was very well looked after.

[Above: Camp at Halladale Campsite]

[Above: Sunrise from my tent at Halladale Campsite]

[Above: Me! Hello!]

After getting the camping kit packed up and loaded into the bike, off I went, I headed along every road that was closest to the coast, this was my tactic for the ride along the top, I had some fantastic roads, I had ridden for about 10 hours this day from Thurso to Applecross and 8 of those hours must have been single track roads, passing a car every couple of hours and stunning scenery every second, an experience I’ll remember for a very long time.

Once I started to hit the remote Villages / Hamlets of the North fuel prices really started to rise in price…

The above photo’s were the last 8 hours of riding, most spectacular but unfortunately the really good picture moments were at places it was just not suitable for me to stop, below are some of the pass to Applecross know as the Bealach na Bà and what a fantastic road it is!

after I had blasted through the pass to Applecross, which, for the record, is a fantastic road, I only road it in the wet, coming back the roads were more so like rivers, but the experience was astronomical, so fun, I’d ride there now just to go and do it again!

I soon stumbled across Applecross campsite where my pitch looked a little like the last…


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