Scotland Tour 2012 – Day 3

Today started very rough, I woke up at 05:30 with terrible stomach pains, thinking it would ease I was soon enough heading to the bathroom.. times passed… I was feeling tender, perhaps it was that beef sandwich I’d had at the Green Welly stop on Sunday or the KFC on Saturday night? I have no idea… 08:30… I wake again with terrible stomach pains, feeling tender I thought my riding planned for today was over. As time progressed I started to feel better, my mood picked up and I went on a short jolly of about 30 miles from Grantown-on-spey to Tomintoul on the A939 which was a fantastic road, loads of switch backs and sharp but flowing bends.

[Above: Morning Rise from Grantown-on-spey]

I left CairngormsHighlands from at 11:15 for Inverness, Tain, Helmsdale, Wick and then Arriving in John O’Groats. The ride was successful, I left a little tender on some bumps but now I’m at the NR Cafe in John O’Groats I’m feeling good, the Chef was happy enough to make me a Cheese and Red onion Sandwich,just tucking into it as I write this.

I’ve ridden up here on the A9, a good road in places, I can see why so many accidents have happened on it though, more towards the North East the roads become very nice and hairy, wide and open so you can really apply the throttle. I then picked up the A99 for Wick which became a little boring and slow, open, straight roads and no fast corners…

I’m now heading for Storma View Campsite, I’ll be staying here for the night before heading towards Applecross with an unknown stop location as yet, All the trip photo’s are below, there wasn’t really much interesting on this ride, tomorrow should start to see more interesting landmarks and scenery!

[Above: 10,000 Miles in 3 and a bit months!]

[Above: Storma Island]

[Above: I’ve Arrived]

[Above: John O’Groats Harbour]

[Above: My Lunch from NR Cafe}


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