Scotland Tour 2012 – Day 2

I left Glasgow this morning at around 10:15 picking up the A82 out of Loch Lomond towards Fort William however, unfortunately the A82 was closed North of Tarbet which meant I had to reroute on the A83 and several roads after that but it was no disappointment to me, I loved it. I’ll just ensure I manage to finish the bit of the A82 that was closed on my return. I have no idea why it was closed. I must have ridden for about an hour or so before I really started to see spectacular Lochs and mountains. I was so blown away… literally but that’s for later.

[Above: Loch Lomond]

I picked the A83 up from Tarbet until Inveraray where I joined the A819 for Loch Hawe where I then proceeded for Tyndrum for the Green Welly Stop where I had a cracking beef sandwich, costly at £6.15 but worth every penny after I’d divulged it!

From Tyndrum I left on the A82 heading for Fort William where I passed through Glencoe, by this point I was speechless, it may have been so windy I regularly touched the white line as I battled to keep the bike on my side of the road, it doesn’t help that I am just skin and bones, but after wrestling with the bike the wind and rain, thankfully dies off but the Rukka kit has really impressed me! I thought at one point water had seeped through the crotch and bum, but after stopping to check it was nothing but a bit of biking sweat…So as it goes, through Fort William, towards Spean Bridge where I then picked up on the A86, fantastic bit of road. I really enjoyed it and next to no cars so it was very peaceful, I just cruised and cruised, without a care or concern in the world.

[Above: Fort William]

[Above: Love this pic but not sure where it is!]

I eventually arrived in Newtonmore where I avoided the A9 by picking up some back roads towards Grantown-on-spey. The road I took was the B970, again a fantastic road, I think most of Scotland will be like this! I eventually came off the B970 and came to Grantown-on-spey where I’m staying at CairngormsHighlands from My Hosts are Chris and Brigitte, they are a fantastic couple, so much so, I hope to return here early next year if I get the chance.

So that’s today, 7 hours of riding to cover 220 miles with plenty of photo stops when the rain had eased. Tomorrow is a run from Grantown-on-spey to a campsite at Caithness John O’Groats which is about 140 miles on the A9 from here, however I’m going to try a different route and hopefully miss the A9 altogether!

Tonight I was offered a Static Caravan for the night instead of camping, I snapped at the chance so my tent is nice and dry for the wet weather tomorrow and the wild camping to come!

I’m not sure if I’ll have WIFI tomorrow night so I might get a tad behind but the picture as I proceed north westerly should only get more spectacular I hope!


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