Isle of Wight 2012

Trip Statistics / Costs:

Duration: 2 single days (Saturday & Sunday)

Mileage: 217.8 miles (Door to Door)

Fuel Consumption (UK IMP Litres): unknown

Fuel Cost: £24.25

Food: £11.90

Drink: £20.00

Accommodation: £30.00

TOTAL COST: Circa £86.15

**      **      **

Friday 14th September 2012

Picking up a ticket last minute from a fellow rider from the Wiltshire Bikers group for the Isle Of Wight Ferry service I scrambled myself together for a quick weekend getaway, so much adrenaline rushing through my head I couldn’t get my thoughts together to write a quick list of essentials, so it went something like this. Panniers open, top box out, loft hatch, camping section, sleeping bag, roll matt, pillow, torch, camping stove… Bombing the items one by one from the loft hatch into the doorway of my room…THUD, the tent finally rests on the floor after making the most noise possible… maybe I should’ve carried that one down with me!

Packing the top box and one pannier full of my stuff and some casual clothes just in case I go out with the group for a meal or drinks, I really don’t know what they have planned, but I’m sure whatever happens I’ll have a good time. Phone on charge for pictures, I still haven’t managed to get around to buying a camera or even researching them for that matter. I’ll have one for next year’s trip(s).

I have no bike right now, so I can’t do that usual walk around tyre kick and luggage loading because it’s getting the 8,000 mile service done tomorrow morning and I’ve left it there over night so they can start on a cold engine.

For mapping I’m just taking my phone and AA A5 size road atlas, however the atlas is a little dated by 6 years approx – doesn’t show all the new roads but it’s a great basis, I don’t need to know exactly where I am going… as it’s all about the adventure?

So my kit list:

– 1 x Coleman Bedrock 2 (Tent)
– 1 x Sleeping bag
– 1 x Roll matt
– 1 x folding camping pillow

– 2 x 1LT Water containers
– 1 x Gas Stove
– 1 x Mess tin for cooking
– 1 x fork set
– 1 x Wind up torch
– 1 x Head torch
– 1 x liquid lighter
– 1 x Anti bacterial hand gel
– 1 x Micro fibre towel
– 1 x Thermometer

– Pair of jeans
– Polo shirt
– Wicking tee
– 100g thermal top and trousers
– 100g fleece to make a 200g top with the thermal 100g top
– Daps
– Underwear
– Socks

So now everything is packed, time to hit the pillow and get some restless sleep. I’m just hoping my bike is ready by 11:00 am so I can get to the ferry for between 1-2.

Saturday 15th September 2012

00:10am…02:00am… 04:54am…05:56am… finally up I can get after a very restless night’s sleep, I’ve never been so excited about such a small trip. Waking up, checking my kit and packing my gas for the stove last minute (never leave it in the house).

Time for a shower, breakfast which consisted of Supernoodles, barbeque flavour of course and now as I write this just slurrrrping down a cup of tea whilst running my eyes back over the map as I’m not familiar with the roads near Lymington where you board the ferry, and I can’t be late!

Camping is booked, I’m staying at a place called mireilleglossop’s place on the IOW for £6.00 per night which is very reasonable and the most I will pay generally for a nights camping. I don’t understand small field campsites that charge up to £15.00 per night per person… It’s very unreasonable and out of principal I stay away from these sites… Wild camping is the way forward if you are travelling in a group of 1 or 2 only. There are a lot of places just use your eyes and stay in an area for a while to get a sense of atmosphere; hopefully you’ve picked a quiet spot!

So packing my net book away now, prepping the last few bits and off to do some other tasks before I head down to Blade Honda for 11:00am.

Lymington Ferry Terminal

So, after a long slog from Blade Honda to Lymington with the panniers on and the unappreciated extra width, I came across camper vans by the lorry load, slow cars by the van load and a whole bunch of traffic queues. Squeezing down the middle of the traffic in a hope not to hit the oncoming and stationary cars I just begged there would be enough room, picking up that I saw a 125cc scrambler on my tail I started to take bigger risks over taking as he just slithered up behind me.

This was all after I’d felt like I’d ridden around the New Forest twice after taking a wrong turn and not being bothered to turn around at the time, definitely a regret now!

The time was ticking, the ferry is set to leave from Lymington to Yarmouth at 14:05 however I have to find the ferry port and meet up with a group of people I haven’t yet met, but none of that was really on my mind at the time. I was just strung on getting to the ferry port, if I didn’t it would have all been wasted effort. Pushing on, taking over another 4 cars, listening to the bike roar as I open the throttle one last time.

I made it, there they were a fantastic group of people from the Wiltshire Bikers Forum that I couldn’t wait to go and meet. We boarded the ferry, sat outside on the mezzanine decking with the sun out, clouds at bay and a great sea breeze where, before we even left the port we could already see the Isle of Wight.

Heading to Yarmouth

…In the mean time….Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzzz

So here we are as the Harleys fire up beside me, the main group in front of them start riding off the ferry, beaming smiles on everyone’s face as we depart for a spot of lunch near the Needles on the North West of the island.

The roads over here are not great but they do for my style of bike, I think sports bike at some points are slightly disadvantaged but everyone had a good time getting to the cafe.


The fun started after this, leaving the car park of the cafe where we pretty much dominated with our presence, heading on the B4055 to Shanklin where we were staying at the Palmerston hotel for the night at a reasonable £30.00 per night, including a fully fledged fry up! 😉

Palmerston Hotel

Throwing the stuff in our room after being given the key and the hotel receptionist looking at a huge A3 room planner… they need to upgrade to a computer system! We threw off our bike gear, waited for the group and headed for a meal. We chose the Steamer Inn for our meal, very well priced considering the north of the island, here I picked up a Lasagne dish for £8.95, a serving of garlic bread for £2.95 but unfortunately the cider was around £3.70 a pint…Still didn’t deter me!

Leaving the restaurant, heading to the beach, only one thing was on my mind, JUMPING IN THE SEA, that’s what every 19 year old dreams of right? I was full on alcohol, buzzing with adrenaline. Here I go, stripping off, semi naked… I ran down the wooden steps, hit the sand and bay watched my way into the sea… bliss!

Sunday 16th September 2012

Waking up after a rather hard night’s sleep, on a mattress that dates back to the pre historic ages… a super breakfast was dished up, fully fried, loads of salt… PERFECT! Grazy golf was on the agenda today before we departed the island so I needed to be on form because I am particularly crap at the game, but to my surprise and everyone else’s I was with, I won!

So, after playing golf in my bike gear as my clothes were still wet form the night before I was really ready to hop back on the bike and munch up some miles, after all that’s what I enjoy!

We left Shanklin, headed straight for the ferry port at Yarmouth, what a splendid ride, many over takes and traffic free roads to really open up and have a great blast!

It was pretty boring after here! Left Lymington to head back home and sleep!! 😀


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