8,505 Miles and rolling

So the first real service is only a matter of two days away (Saturday 15th September 2012) where the bike will have it’s first overhaul.

I know it’s a few miles out, well 500 almost 600 since I took the picture for the service but as long as the service is booked you are safe with regards to the warranty, just don’t go to stupid with the miles.

8,505 Miles

So far I am rather impressed with the bike but I have found that the fairing, is pretty useless and the extra deflector may well be required to purchase depending on what roads you use the bike on. I have noticed, riding on dual carriageways that the fairing doesn’t deflect the air away very well from my leg so they are sometimes seen flopping about against the utility tank than being flush and well protected. Riding smaller B road, the fairing offers enough to provide some protective comfort.

The fuel economy is very good… so good that I never check what I’m actually getting because I put pennies into the tank not pounds and you don’t feel a hit on your wallet whatsoever, which is nice.

I had replaced the rear BT023R at 7,545 miles as it was very square, I hope to get more out of the next tyre as I wont be riding on motorways so much doing 450 miles round trips every weekend, which like fueling up, will be nice 🙂

I’ll update this a little more when I get the service cost for the 8,000 mile service – Very tempted to do the next one myself!


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