7 Weeks, 50 Days & 5,000 Miles

Trip Statistics / Costs:

Duration: 2 days

Mileage: 386.7 Miles

Fuel Consumption (UK IMP Litres): 23.06L

Fuel Cost: £31.01

Food: 2 x English Breakfast £7.70 Ea.
– Bag of Sweets £4.44
– Drinks £2.04
– Tesco Food £6.78

Accommodation: N/A

TOTAL COST: £59.67

**      **      **

Here we go

It’s just clicked 05:10, my phone mysteriously sets of it’s alarm, my lousy arm attempts to reach over to try and grasp what feels like a phone, no wait, that’s the TV remote, wait, yes got it, raising up out of bed like a zombie endlessly trying to figure out how this alarm works on my new phone. Peeling my eyes open after 5 hours sleep, peering at the curtains trying to get a feel for what the weather is like outside.

Jumping out of bed, full of adrenaline the other half asks “can we wait until 0700?” I laughed, said no, especially after I’d seen the crystal blue dawn skies out of the window seconds before, I knew this would be a little adventure that wouldn’t be forgotten easily. Jumping, quite literally into our textiles, hearing zips firing off all over, eyes still waking up and stomach rumbling with hunger for excitement, we headed out, breathing in the fresh, crisp country air as we opened the back door looking over the hills to the rear.

Peeling the cover off the bike, it’s damp, but underneath was the NCX ready and waiting to get unleashed. Throwing the cover onto the floor (like I had time to pack it away) we were chasing the sunrise, Leaving at 05:24 the sky had already become brighter, the sun coming ever closer to raising into full view, we were off!!

legs over-hands gripped-ignition on-starter pressed-clutch in-gear down-clunk as it plops into first and we are off, the bike gives out an almighty whine as we make way down the driveway. It’s responsive, almost perfectly designed and agile, these are only a fraction of the words I could use to describe this frill seeker. Ever since rolling off the dealers forecourt and off down the water logged road, I can do nothing but praise the NCX.

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Country roads are always fun around Dorchester, hilly, blind corners and various debris scattered over the roads. We left the house, with 20 miles ahead of us, it was 05:24 when we left and 05:46 when we arrived, I call that ultrasonic space travel. The bike felt planted, didn’t wobble once, even two up and we got there in one piece. The rear position for the pillion is top notch, me and May have done several long hauls on this bike now and neither of us complain!

Lulworth at 5am

After we reached Lulworth for the sunrise we decided to head home around 06:30 by now, well that’s what May thought anyway, but I decided to go for Breakfast at either Poole or Swanage. Once the roundabout was fast approaching we decided on Swanage, a familiar spot for us. Shooting down the A351, we caught a glimpse of Corfe Castle, on through the village, back on to the twisty’s, over taking the car in front as I see two bikes approach my rear, the petrol gauge now hitting reserve. Slotting the indicator over to the left as I approach a petrol I didn’t even knew existed and I’m familiar to this road to! I hear the down shift shortly after climbing off the bike only to find two older, experienced motorcyclist on a BMW K1300 and a Suzuki GSXR 750 follow us in, them giving the ‘nod’ of approval.

Filling my tank to the brim… a whole £12.00 later after 160 miles…this bike has economical written all over it! We mount the bike and chase after the other bikes who left moments in front. Coming up over the brow of the hill in Swanage we get an ever enlarging glimpse of the sea… calm, blue and reflecting the sun’s rays just shimmering off the surface.  Heading down the nothing but deserted Swanage high street we see the same bikers parking up, must be a good place for breakfast! We ended up parking up and following them in. The cafe was called: La Trattoria, it was good, over priced slightly I think but it wouldn’t stop me from going back as it was clean, well presented and the staff were very quick to get everything organised. Just the service I expect.

Leaving full with a good ‘ol’ English inside us, we headed off for a ride of Swanage down to Studland, popping into the National Trust shop on the beach and taking in some more sea air, feeling tired just thinking about it. It’s now 11am, we’ve been on the road for 6 hours, with a final one hour leg from Swanage the scenic way back to our starting point making the whole morning a 7 hour action packed adventure, one I’m sure, I’ll remember forever.

NCX at 5,000 in 50 Days

The BMW & Suzuki I was talking about!

From the rear-right

My personal bug collection… not too bad.


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