The Coastal Road…

Trip Statistics / Costs:

Duration: 2 single days (Saturday & Sunday)

Mileage: 438.00 miles (Door to Door)

Fuel Consumption (UK IMP Litres): unknown

Fuel Cost: unknown

Food: £0.00

Accommodation: £0.00

TOTAL COST: Circa £40.00

**      **      **

FRIDAY 20th July 2012.

Leaving Swindon for Dorchester on Friday  for another long Coastal weekend. Prepping the bike the night before, the ritual goes something like this.

Getting out the old red Jerry can full of Paraffin, so old and rusty every part of it you touch the paint flakes away the the palm of your hand, the hardened plastic cap so distorted and experienced it get’s stuck every 1/4 turn in any direction and the pouring spout, dented and bashed you never know where or how far the Paraffin will pour. Tipping the can up, rag at the ready to absorb it as it pours in a bidirectional flow, I already have the bike upon the paddock stand and apply the cloth directly onto the chain at the sprocket and slow but surely work around until the near side of the links are looking as new, then do the same to the offside, dousing the rag once more I work the rag around the sprockets and bolts until a perfectly shiny metal surface appears.

Washing the bike down with a hose on low pressure, clearing the remainder of the loose dirt from the chain and sprockets I start the quick process of washing the small amount of fairings and body work on this epic machine. 10-15 minutes of working on the bike and it looks almost like new considering I’ve put over 4,000 miles on it in the last month since I picked it up from the dealership.

After cleaning the bike down and drying it off (reminds me I must look to buy a rear hugger) I switch on the engine and listen to it roar up and hum away, clunking it into first and letting the excess water spin off the chain and warm up before shaking the can of Wurth Dry Chain Lube for minutes on end before conking out the engine to a stop and spinning the wheel by hand to apply this stuff. Sticking and drying in minutes the bike it now good for a few hundred miles, or a weekend away in my case.

The last and perhaps most important thing is to check the tyre pressure, something I’m particularly OCD about for some reason or another. 36PSI front and 42 back, perfect, I’ve found the pressure barely changes in these BT023R’s!

Leaving the petrol station from Cirencester, heading to Dorchester is probably one of the worst rides I do, it’s a mix of dual carriageway, A roads and B roads. however, Friday afternoon around 17:00 the world comes out in their cars and lorries with minimal places to overtake and a line of traffic, overtaking gets you know where fast. 2 hours of riding down following a Robert Wiseman milk lorry that has to break what feels like 1,000,000 miles before the turn in the road does nothing but frustrate me. It’s a modest ride, 80-85 miles at the most, but just seems so much longer after sitting behind traffic the entire way. I eventually arrived at the house around 19:15 that evening.

SATURDAY 21st July 2012

NCX at the New Forest


Setting the alarm for 07:15 this morning the other half wasn’t so happy especially as I hadn’t told her but the weather looked good for today after looking the night before so thought I’d take the risk, setting the alarm early and getting up to enjoy the day!

We started with some good old English sausages, fried of course! Then got ourselves 4 hours later finally onto the bike and heading off east towards Honda Of Bournemouth for the other half to try some new bikes for size and style, coming away quite happily set on the Honda PCX for her first ride, most probably what she’ll go for! It look a nice bike, small, perky and finally you can get many accessories for it to kit her out for longer rides.


Moving on after heading back into Dorchester for some lunch, thankfully filling both our tanks we headed out at 15:30 expecting to be gone for an hour or two but we finally returned 5 1/2 hours later… but man it was an adventure!

We left Dorchester heading for the New Forest, Lyndhurst in particular then down to Milford on Sea  along the coastal road to Barton on Sea then coming back on ourselves towards Beaulieu, Lyndhurst, Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole and then home, all of which took an awful lot of time including some stops, walks, 10 minutes to capture the essence of the places before jumping back on and moving on! It was fantastic and not one ounce of a sore bum!

There are some picture below for your enjoyment!

A map of my route:


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