The First Encounter…

Trip Statistics / Costs:

Duration: 2 days

Mileage: 302.7 Miles

Fuel Consumption (UK IMP Litres): 19.95L

Fuel Cost: £26.02

Food: 2 x ‘Look What we found’ food pouches £2.00 Each

Accommodation: £6.00 (I paid £10, had no change)

TOTAL COST: £40.02

**          **          **

Sat beside a torrent of raging water, I begin to write the story, the unwritten story of Emily, the already beloved 2012 Honda NC700X.

Honda NCX

Sitting here, with her by my side, already having covered 3,887 miles throughout Wiltshire, Cornwall, Gloustershire, and now she has brought me to Cwmnanthir Camping on the edge of the Breacon Beacons.

Navigating west through Welsh villages, lanes where you dread meeting an oncoming vehicles even on a motorbike and then onto the lanes passing through valleys with nothing but almost idealic countryside in either direction you look. Steep banks, wind turbines (People react to them like Marmite – I love it!) Horses, sheep, cows just as far as the eye can see…Purging along, feeling Em wanting to open up and gain some speed for the upcoming corners, passing through like we’re flying, no wind resistance, no cars, dry roads… I almost feel like I’m in heaven.

85 miles ticking over on the odometer, just 20 more miles and I’m there thinking to myself, although I didn’t realise I was going the wrong way at the time, laughing now about how many wrong turns I actually took, but, it adds to the adventure right? Right.

Cwmnanthir Camp, Wales.

Anyway, sat here now, having arrived from home 135 miles later, half a tank of fuel and a free headache I can’t believe where I am, so peaceful yet full of life, green green grass, trees packed full of leaves, the sound of water crashing over century old rocks so rounded and full of history, then you have the smell of waterlogged wood being burnt by a group of people who, quite frankly, have no outdoors experience but we’ll see if they manage the fire ok later on tonight…(reporting back, the fire was horrifically bad).

Looking into the Wye Valley 1 mile from Monmouth, UK.

So, the NCX, I love it if you wondered. I have ridden it on the road, about 20 miles of green lanes (stupidly on Bridgestone BT23R’s – Wouldn’t advise it) I am an experienced Mountain biker so could pre judge what was going to happen, however slippery tyres aside, the bike was compelling, handled remarkably, stood up on the pegs (I’d advise SW Motech aftermarket studded pegs for green lanes) I rode comfortably, as comfortably as that of the GL1600 the only difference being I was where that couldn’t get to but I brought the comfort of it with me.

NCX at Cwmnanthir

Waking up to the birds, as you would on any camping trip, well most. I got packing up my camping gear, using my Givi Tw01 40L holdall and Givi E52 topcase, fitting just about everything back in again with much room to spare. Steep gravel tracks with high ridges made exiting the campsite somewhat difficult, especially with the extra weight and at such an angle where I couldn’t touch the floor whatsoever, something I would have been uneasy doing on another bike but with the NCX, I have no problem putting faith into it. It’s a bike, a soulmate and one I hope to have many more adventurous trips on in the coming year!

Henrhyd Falls, Wales.

**          **          **

 A map of my route:

Now then, where next…


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